January 2, 2018

My 2018 #Oneword

I've been on this #oneword train for 2 years now. I have said, "Here is my #oneword!", but I have also used my #oneword in context of my life.

2017's word was...
Do you know or remember what it was?  If not, that is okay I'll tell you later.

My 2018 #oneword is not simple, so I will build some background for you (I will not build you a snowman as there is no snow in PHX)

Persist - This word comes on strong as I have yet to persist in many areas of my life. I won't bore you with details or examples just know that I must persist in the important areas; relationship with God, family, and a healthy lifestyle (I'm not a spring chicken anymore!). But many people have this as their own. Moving on...

Until - I love this word for it is dependant on a proceeding phrase. A goal has to be set in order to use it. I love it because it gives an ending to what comes after it, but I get to choose what comes after it. You've heard the phrase, "This too, shall pass." That is what Until allows for. But, I'm not sure people will get it. (Should I care what others think about my #oneword?, no) Next...

Success - This word is prominent everywhere! "You can be successful in ______." Fill in the blank with whatever you want and it probably has been said by someone trying to sell you that very thing. For me the word and all it entails has been forever elusive. I'm not sure that many things I have done has been successful. I do have a touch of the Imposter Syndrome, so that has certainly colored my view.  So, maybe Success should be my word. Nope!

Happens - Why this word? Because it is outside the box of words people use to motivate themselves. Life Happens. Stuff Happens. (Stay with me) Happens is a word that occurs after preceding event. I can act on my goals causing them to... happen and the result is what I desire.

My search for my #oneword was not as long as this post because I didn't want to #move from last year's word. I was comfortable with the word I chose.

Instagram: @momos.mom
I love this picture on two levels - 1) I believe doors (read: opportunities) are locked (read: nonexistent) because they usually are, therefore I do nothing about it.
2) Just because the door appears closed, doesn't mean I can't try to open it.
Thank you Julia!

BOOM! It hits me. I have a new word.
However, those who know me, know I tend to start thinking about all the possibilities. (I'm learning I'm not the only who does that)
Make it an acronym. What would the words be? It has to be clever. It must tell a story. It has to be simple. You have to make a banner and proclaim it!

I have goals for 2018. I've shared a few already, but as the days roll by, I will have more to add, but others will be accomplished and I will #move on.

(Sticking to the door analogy, I may have to turn the knob, adding one more element before pushing the door open, but it is still a part of the pushing)

When I #move forward, I #push against else something. 
I'm not sure what I will come up against, but I will certainly #push back.

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