September 22, 2009

Teacher's Reflection

I need help!
I'm not saying this because I really do need help ( but I really do), but I'm saying this because I need to get my head wrapped around all the technology I have at my finger tips: SMART Boards, Podcasting tools, video editing, digital storytelling, Moodle, Blogging, Twitter, Skype, video conferencing, etc.

Let me be more precise. I need to figure out which one or two pieces of technology I want to integrate into my classroom instruction and plans and leave the others alone. I've been trying to figure out how to add them all in and I CAN'T DO IT! There is too much to do plan, teach, monitor, and assess for the integration of one or two technologies, let alone three or four of them.

I know there are many of you saying, "Of course you can integrate them all! Why can't you do it and do it yesterday?" Because I can't! I have been scatterbrained long enough that I need to focus on one or two pieces and learn them and use them effectively and not drive down the crazy road any farther.

I read this post by Neil Stephenson and it got me thinking about what am I focusing on in my classroom? Now the post isn't about pairing down and using fewer technologies. It is about the Student Voice. Read it here.

After reading it, I began thinking that I don't have a clear purpose or goal in mind in which to use what I have. The student voice is powerful because it doesn't matter what technology I have, I need to listen to my students learn and grow academically.

So, what I need to think about is "What do I have that will draw out the student and tell me what they have learned, what they are learning and what they want to learn?"

I know that concept isn't groundbreaking to most of you, but it is for me. I think so logically that I need the steps laid out and told to me.
(Ouch! like my students who don't want to think for themselves!!)

Well, I'll be working more with what I have and seeing what works for me.
Keep in touch and I'll keep you up to date.

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  1. I think you are approaching this in a very smart, systematic manner. I plan my tech by starting with outcomes from a core subject. How am I going to meet this outcome? An outcome about Latitude and Longitude led me to GPS, finding a voice and writing for a purpose brought me to blogging, trying to jazz up wetland plants and animals started me going on wikis. Trying to develop a sense of what it means to be Canadian got me going with Skype. I know it sometimes seems like some of us are doing everything - but it has been an eight year process to get there. I wanted to try blogs last year but I didn't have a context and was getting going with Skype and GPS last year, so I saved it for this year. The year before I started with online forums and wikis. Your plan of two big projects is a good one. This year my big two are podcasting and blogs to add to my technology super hero utility belt.

    I really want to get going with Voicethread - but it might be too much for me this year, this fall for sure. You can't do everything. You definitely can't do everything well, so it's better to do a few things well.

    Pick your two and let me know how I can help!