June 16, 2018

Lessons from the past

Let me start out by saying, YES!

I moved to New Jersey from Arizona.

I have a new job with #ClassLink. Manager of Educational Sucess
I will have to deal with snow and cold weather.
I moved far away from my family and friends.

I am crazy.


  • 1- I didn't have an AZ job.
  • 2- I knew I had to spread my wings and jump out of the AZ nest, because it was no longer viable for me.
  • 3- There was no other choice than to go.

Don't get me wrong.

  • I wanted to stay in AZ.
  • I wanted to be near friends and family.
  • I wanted a fulfilling job.
  • I needed to be in a supportive atmosphere that fed me personally and spiritually.

That was not to be the case, in AZ.

I sit uncertain about my own lodging, but I have a basement to myself.
I sit unsure about my abilities to learn the most complex position I've had yet, but I have a team who has surrounded me and given me tons of support within the first week.
I strongly dislike traffic, but currently commute through the worse traffic in the nation and it is building my patience.
I have no church family, but know that I will find one and worship with them.

I have learned a few things from my past.

  • I have to move when able. 
  • I have to sit when tired. 
  • I have to speak when necessary. 
  • I have to #push through when it looks too hard for me.

What next?
I don't know and let's go.
I did say 2018 would be a year of change.

to be continued...