June 21, 2020


This world is full of so many things.

As a person, it is not bad to be caught up in it and enjoy it.
As a Christian, my primary thought should be, Is this going to bring me closer to Him or to the World? If it will strengthen my relationship with God, then it will be very good for me. If not, then I have an important decision to make.
Indulge or Reject
If I focus on Him and His plan for me then I will not have the time nor desire to enjoy things outside of Him. Also, I will be able to hear His Spirit moving on me to do those things which honor and glory to Him. I must allow Him to lead.

When every other

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June 20, 2020

Constant Dependance

Friday night and Saturday afternoon I was studying Matthew 14:22:33; Mark 6:45-52; John 6:14-21.

I would tell you the story but I suggest you read it for yourself.

Short summary:
Jesus feed over 5000 people, who then wanted to crown Him king. He dismissed all of them and went to pray on a mountain. His disciples were overtaken by a storm while they were crossing the lake. He goes down to save them. Peter walks on water for a bit. Jesus saves him and gets in the boat.

No spoilers were given, but this is my golden nugget.

Constant Dependence

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May 4, 2020

May 4th

So all day it has been…

File:May the 4th be with you (Star Wars Day).svg - Wikimedia Commons
May the 4th be with you.  (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:May_the_4th_be_with_you_(Star_Wars_Day).svg)

For the uninitiated, it is a silly take using the date, May 4, on a famous saying by the Jedi Order of Star Wars, May the Force Be with You.

As I was washing my hands today, I realized a strange fact…

I love language, the sound of languages, and how people in different parts of the world speak. Even a bit deeper, I like the study of the placement of the tongue when speaking.

My point?

“May the 4th be with you” is a lisp (a speech defect where the “s” sound is pronounced as “th” in thick or  the “z” is pronounced as the “th” in this.)

“May the forth be with you”
“May the force be with you”

So, I’m sticking to the original sound.

(Yes, I went there)

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May 3rd

the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.
the fact of having a right to something.

legal or official authority, capacity, or right.
ability to act or produce an effect.
possession of control, authority, or influence over others.

the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

How do these nouns relate to what going on in our world right now?
There are people protesting for the government to open businesses of convenience and luxury. Displaying their guns, signs, and utter disrespect for people who disagree with them and some who represent the medical occupations who work with those affected.

Where does this come from?
Selfishness, even though that is the same sentiment which is tossed back at the other side.
Greed to keep open the businesses that are making money, but may have not planned for an extended closure or the simple fact they want to keep making money to maintain status quo.

What am I getting at?
These values are based in human nature and we have to fight against the ones which only destroy others and ultimately our own self. We must grow the ones which give love, peace, and grace to all including our own self.


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May 2, 2020

May 2

It seems as though the weekend has been a better time to take walks. The weather was perfect and the sun was out.
So, of course I go out and enjoy it after the week of cold rain.

Did you know that NJ was hilly? I have climbed many a hill around my place. My legs know.

Back to my points.
As I’m puffing and dragging myself a hill, I realized another feeling was present but not fully blown.  It was in the pit of my stomach and in my chest. It was much more noticeable when I walked by people.
What was the feeling?

Is there reasons for such unnerving emotions?
Yes, but they are out of my control.

So, what do I do?
1st accept them.
2nd Keep moving forward with what I need to do.
3rd Figure out what I can control and control them.

Simplistic? Yes.
But what else do I have to hold on to?

My faith.

May 2-Faith

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May 1, 2020

May Day 2020

So much has happened since the last time I was here.

Quick summary:
Still healthy
Still in NJ
Still working
The world is embraced by a pandemic and people are told to Shelter In Place.

If you had told me 2 years ago this would happen, I don’t think I would have believed you.
If you had told me people would be losing their collective minds, I would have asked what movie are you watching? Contagion, Deep Impact, or another apocalyptic movie?
BTW, those are really popular on streaming services since this has begun.

I believe people are searching for what to do, what to think, what or how to feel.
There are scientists, doctors, pastors, politicians, or individuals of the general who are all claiming to have the “TRUTH”.

I can say with certainty, all have an agenda and no one else knows the whole stories of each person.

What do I offer? Why write this? I’m processing what this is leading to and trying to gather as much information to make the best decisions possible.
What else can I do?

Listen and pray

May Day 2020

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January 2, 2020

#OneWord 2020

I’ve been doing this for a few years, but this year is different.

I thought about many words but none of them seemed worthy until …

I was talking to a really good friend, Keith in AZ and we were catching up on life and reminiscing on what was as colleagues. He mentioned how it was important to him to be free of any guilt and negative emotions. Those who have/had issues with him over the past year he wanted to talk to and reconcile with them.

That set me off thinking and boom!


My #oneword for 2020.

Why “CLEAR”?

It is something I need to be and do more often.
Why should I when I have been hurt by the very things I hold dear dand share with the wrong people or through my Adverse Childhood Experiences?

Yet, I make the decisions where my life goes and how I react to it.
Clear expectations
Clear emotions
Clear values
Clear words
Clear communiques
Clear relationships
Clear progress forward

After taking the time to “BE“, I realized there are so many items in my life that need to be obvious others. Not that I have to give reasons for everything I do or say (That is a HUGE statement from me), but that there should be some logical assumptions one could make if they really care but don’t ask me.

I have a new relationship and it is blowing my mind. Being clear with her has opened my eyes to all the times, I wasn’t nor did I actually want to because of past trauma and emotional hurt. However that is never an excuse for moving forward while looking back.

With that said, I am going to continue to “BE” myself and learning more about what I can do to build better relationships through CLEAR actions.

A bit opaque?
Yep, because I have 363 days to clean the windows through which I see the world.


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November 19, 2019

Episode 11-Relationships

Of all possessions a friend is the most precious - Herodotus

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Episode 10-Fatherhood

Small boys become big men through the influence of big men who care about small boys - Unknown

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November 18, 2019

Episode 9-Time

One Father is more than one hundred schoolmaster - George Herbert

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