August 11, 2018

Lessons from the Past pt. 2

When I posted the last time, I was in a quandary:

I was:
Uncertain about my job,
Unsure about where I would live,
Dealing with incredibly bad traffic,
and not with a church family.

Suffice to say,
I have worked through all 4 items.
I am in a place I can call home that is no more than 30 minutes away on a super bad traffic day, from a job I love and I know I have been building towards for a long time.

Side note:
It is raining again. I have heard many New Jerseyites say, it hasn't rained this much in years. I say, "You're welcome!"
I love the white noise as the rain hits the pavement, trees, and rooftops, as well as the periodic thunder. It doesn't bother me at all, for now. I used to sit and watch AZ storms blow through. I liked the heavy rainfall and watching the water build up and run down the driveways and streets.
NJ Storm
My last point.
This is my second week of worshipping with a group of people whom I've found the beginning of a friendship. Within one day (11 hours) we have talked about God's blessings, the trappings of sin, the structure of the church and its mission to a world who looks at it with a sceptical eye. We have begun to build an understanding of where we each fit within the group and how we can uplift each other.
I think I have found a place that I have been looking for in the previous post:
"a supportive atmosphere that fed me personally and spiritually."
Let's see what happens now as I plan to stay and build relationships.

As the journey continues ever forward, I must look there. If I look back, may it be to see where I've been and rejoice in how far I've come.

#Rain in NJ. Flood warnings and hazardous weather. I’ll be ok. Got a bit wet, but I won’t melt today. #storms #njwx #ttnj

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