October 16, 2009

Where do (did) I put it?

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately.  One of them was where to put my podcasts.  It's not that I have a lot of them. It's just that I need to find a place other than my hard drives to put them.  I want to share them and have others enjoy them as I do.
I think I have found a place: podomatic.com.  I created an account there some time ago, but I lost track of it. (along with other resources I still can't seem to find)
Well, I found it.  Now, I just need to figure out how to connect this account and that account together so my podcast will play through this blog and not the other.  I'll either figure out a way, someone tell me, or I'll just use hyperlinks.
Here is my podomatic account: http://techyturner.podomatic.com/.
Check it out and leave a comment for me.

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