November 24, 2009


I begin writing this knowing I won't be able to finish it in one sitting as I usually do, but here goes.

Since we last met, many things have happened. I got more Google Wave skills under my belt, as well as invites. I have increased my following count n Twitter, because I need to branch out more.  I have read many blogs dealing with various topics that made me smile, laugh and cry.
I'm sorry no links to them now.

Today, Tuesday, I want to participate in an #edchat topic for once so I can be a part of a larger conversation. Here is the link to the topic in Tweetchat just in case you want to be a part of it, too. 
Sunday, I learned more about the Canadian Football League (CFL). I LOVE it!  I watched it online, no I'm not telling where.  The game I saw was the Calgary Stampeders v Saskatchewan Roughriders.  It was a pretty good game. The winner punched its ticket to the the Grey Cup (CFL version of the NFL SuperBowl, also the 2nd oldest championship series next to the NHL Stanley Cup) The winner: Saskatchewan Roughriders.  They had to come from behind to win.  I watched it with my boy on my lap for part of the time, but tweeted with @jdeyenberg (surprised?!) during the game.  We had a great time.  Even @jkdham and @kathycassidy got in the fun.  I will be watching the Grey Cup this coming Sunday. Thanks Jen!

OH! I remember now! My class completed its THINK Project. I have to put together the pictures into an Animoto this week.  I'll vent about it in a future post. I say this _______________________________________________________________.
(Taught not to say anything if I have nothing good to say) I will reflect on the lesson and tell you later and send you a video.
Project number 2 is coming up. Here is the tweet I received from @zbpipe.

Join my flat class in singing a French song (D'où viens-tu, bergère) with your class.Collaborative video with holiday message, world wide.

I mentioned it to my classes and they were excited to join. So, we will be learning the French song to sing with other classes from around the world.

One more thing, I'm so glad to have Discovery Education Streaming. It has made my electricity lessons more exciting and understandable for my students.  They have really taken to the terms and comcepts and are ready to get to Magnetism.
If you'd like a list of the videos I used in my class, please leave a comment and contact info. I'm happy to share.
Thanks for coming back and reading.
On to new and old things alike. I'll be back with more to say.
(BTW, I was able to write this in one sitting, YEAH!)

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