January 17, 2010

The iPod Touch

Since we last talked, I bought the iPod Touch.  I actually bought it on the 1st. I got it on the 6th. That was the longest 5 days in a long time.  I have learned a lot about Apple and its products. This iPod is great.
I can surf online, view web pages as normal. They are a bit small for my eyes so I just pinch and spread my fingers and zoom in smoothly!   The only thing I have found annoying is that it frequently switches to landscape when tilted. I tend to tilt it so it changes, so I have to tilt it back to portrait view. I have learned how to hold it steady.
Another thing I love about the iPod touch is all the FREE applications in the iTunes store. I have only free apps on my iPod touch and love every one of them.
My favorites are Unblock MeFree, Twittelator, Facebook, Scramble 2, Dropbox, TanZen Lite, and Bible Reader Free. Currently, I have over 80 apps loaded onto my iPod and hope to find more that will help me in various ways.  I know this post seems a bit boring, but I'll ramp it up soon with pictures and better descriptions of what I do with each app.

So, do you have an iPod Touch? If so, what are your favorite applications, tasks to do with it?

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