August 6, 2010

First week of school

I know that seems like an overkill on the WOW but I try not to exaggerate. But this week has been just an absolute adventure.

Monday - The students came in with enthusiasm that I haven't seen in a while. They were positive and eager to learn. Of course we had to go over the rules and procedures of class and of the school, but they took it well.

Tuesday - We all started getting more loose and understanding more of what was expected of us and what was coming up in the future

Wednesday and Thursday - Where did those days go? They went by so fast. We played getting to know you games, scavenger hunts of our textbooks (we won't be using them very much this year), and continued to learn the rules and procedures.

Friday - I introduced blogging in that I gave them a composition book to record their thoughts of the week. Here is the prompt: "This was the first week of school. I..."

"I like science the most because we get to discover things."
"I enjoy my days of school. School is fun and the teachers are polite and very very very funny. Even if the teachers look mean they are actly funny for all of us. Even the princible."
"And school is fun because theres cool things in the class at school and I like (school name) because it a cool school."

I think I will LOVE this year.

Anyone want to be blogging buddies with us? We will set up a blog and get started very soon.

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