April 13, 2012


I have made so many connections on so many levels throughout the #mobile2012 conference.
On a personal level, I have met great educators who are just as thirsty as I am to educate children on a different plane because they will fly higher then us when they grow to be our age. I have met a great educator from GA, Adam Phyall. (The last name has 2 syllables not one). He came because he knew he had to. Everyone in his district looks to him for support and advice about technology use. Hence, askadam3.  Australia is a dream place to visit and I got to meet a wonderful representative of the nation, Jenny Ashby. She has been so gracious in sharing her knowledge and insights of education as well as her comparisons of US and AU educational practices. I really hope to continue to work with her even though she is on the complete opposite side of the world. Kevin Corbett has been a great converser. He is a great resource for understandning what and why the education field should adapt to new tools but not change what content is essential to being a great citizen. I hope to pick his brain more.
On a professional level, I have seen the message again and again. Derek Keenan said it best, It's not the mobile technology that we put in front of them, it's what we do with it."  To me that says, content is critical to how we use the tools we have. You can't build a house with only a hammer, nor can you teach a child with just your words.  It has to be done in multiple ways; tell it, show it, do it. In some cases, just doing it will cause learning to occur.
My take away if #mobile 2012 ended yesterday, Be Dangerous. I know a lot with more to learn. I know many people, with so many more to get to know. Use everything I have to do what I know and feel is right for my students, colleagues, and profession.

Thanks #mobile2012!

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