May 23, 2012

Oh, My Word! 2 iOS app

Oh My Word! 2  (OMW!2) is a great literacy iOS app.
"Close in on a hidden five-letter word by finding out if the word you guess is before or after it in the dictionary." 
Try to guess the five letter dictionary word that is between a pair of guide words. The guide words change as you get closer to the word. You have 50 guesses to get as many as possible.

What makes OMW!2 so great?

  • It builds dictionary skills
  • You have to see in your mind (or on paper) words in alphabetical order
  • Increases higher thinking because only 5 letter words are used
  • It builds vocabulary (quickly)
  • It is challenging for all ages. @len_horn and I had a hard time with some of the words, but we managed to guess them.
  • Great for group play or individual play.
  • Great car/traveling game. 
    • Suggested structure: One person operates the device while others guess the word. The person who gives the correct guess gets the device to facilitate the next game. If the driver guesses, then s/he gets to choose who facilitates the next game.

On iOS, it is free right now (5-23), regular price is $2.99.
In Google Play it is $3.19.

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