July 13, 2013

Deeper Connection - Jaime Vandergrift and Hangouts

I learned so much from Jaime Vandergrift. (I love the name Vandergrift, because you have to pay attention when you say/type it or you will wreck it!)

We did a hour long hangout on July 5th (yes, she had to work). I had a few questions about Hangouts on Air and she suggested we do one.
It was so fun.  I learned about new features in Hangouts.

Of course, the chat feature is great for sharing links and side conversations.

The Screenshare is a wonderful way to... share what is on your screen. Did you know that you could do a screencast with it? Here is the link to a nicely put together tutorial about how to do that by Alice Keeler. She did it with a Chromebook (AWESOME!) but I did one with my PC laptop.

The Capture feature was great. Make sure you click on the feature and your name appears in the box, then capture the wonderful people in your hangout!

The Hangout Toolbox was full of great tools.
I especially love the Lower Third feature. You can put your name, job title, a flag, change the color of the bar, or put a logo on it. Made me feel official to see my name on the bottom.
I finally figured out where the sound effects in the Techlandia podcast come from!
I would tell you more, but you need to explore the rest of the features yourself. Or you could ask me to Hangout with you and we could explore together.

Jaime and I then talked about what she does as a consultant and other side jobs. That woman is busy!
I noticed during the EduVue Youtube session I attended, the tweets she sent out were copied by EduVue. She showed me Grouptweet. This is a great way to let people tweet through a twitter account without giving them full permission. Her tip to me about using it was be aware what you tweet. Good thing I do that already.

The final item we talked about was her about.me page. I found out (again) that I have known of her since 11-20-12 when I favorited her about.me page. I think I did this when I saw that she had the same job title as I did. Crazy how life brings us full circle. Anyway, she and I decided to freshen up our pages.
Here they are:
Jaime Vandergrift

Rodney Turner

Can you guess our favorite colors?

I will continue to share more with her because she is a wealth of knowledge and colleague to help all our teachers and their students be the best they can be.

BTW, if you don't follow her on Twitter or G+, you really should.

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