August 11, 2013

CCS - Yes, THAT one!

I'm seeing more requests for CCS. I have to admit:
I am free of that addiction! I went cold turkey and found something else that takes its place.
No hard feelings to those of you who are in the grips of this terrible malady, but there is help available. You can beat it back and conquer it with...

You can and will overcome it, if you want to.
Those of us who have escaped the cold, death fingers can help you.
Let go of the game and grab a hold of one of us and we can do our best to help you shield your face from the striped, hard, and donut holes and focus on the faces of your family and friends who miss you as well as re-introduce you to your former best friend at night, SLEEP.
Pry your eyes away from whatever CCS screen you have, put it down and enjoy life B-CCS. The game will never stop, but you must quit it.
Cry out for help not lives, cry out for sympathy and support not for failing a level.
You can and must overcome it.
You were born for better things!

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