April 14, 2015

We Have to Stop Pretending - Rodney's Viewpoint

This morning I came across a post from Beth Still. The post, We Have to Stop Pretending---Beth's Take, Beth listed five things we have to stop pretending. 
I liked it and read the original post by Scott McLeod called, We Have to Stop Pretending.
I retweeted the link to Beth's post and Scott challenged me to create my own.
Here it is:

  • Current district policies provide fair treatment of all teachers
  • The actions we take as leaders is always what is best for children
  • That an individual teacher can do everything to help a child be the best they can be
  • There are silver bullets in education and using at least one of them will create huge changes
  • Delivering a mountain of resources to teachers will erase our responsibility to support them in their classrooms

What about you? What are five things you think we need to stop pretending? If you write a post, please tag it with #makeschoolsdifferent

Make school different

(feel free to use this image as desired) Thanks Scott.

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