June 7, 2016

A New Name for #STEM

So, what is STEM/STEAM/STREAM/STREAMS all about?

Well, I believe it is taking the content from the traditional side of pedagogy and putting it back into the context of what really happens outside of the traditional classroom. 
The movement says there is a lack of application in truly learning all the subjects and students are becoming more specialized in subject content but not generalists in the sense of applying the skills and thinking processes from one subject to another.

In a modern way, we are putting woodworking, automotive, basket weaving, and otherwise hands-on content back in the classroom with minimal exposure to lawsuits because of accidents. Not that the previous hands-on classes were inherently dangerous, but they were for those who didn't follow the guidelines, instructions, and laws of physics, electricity, thermodynamics, and chemistry. ( I know I missed some.) 

My proposal for the new name of the movement:

Let's just call it school, again.

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