January 26, 2017

#FETC-Day 2 Reflection

Day 2 started a bit later for me which was fine with me.
I took my time to get to the convention center and traffic was horrible. I guess others decided to do the same thing.
I headed down to the expo hall to make sure I visited certain vendors before my 10:30 meeting for the 2nd session about VR.
I learned a bit about buncee from the wonderful Jaime Donally. She uses it in unconventional ways according to the buncee reps, but that was a good thing for me to see.
With an abundance of EdTech tools and multiple copies of features and styles floating around, I like to see what stands apart from other tools and is easy to learn. I know it's not just me who says, "How is this different from ____?" or "How is this better than ____?" With that frame of mind, I tend to choose a tool and run with it. I try not to jump on the newest or best thing according to my friends who do look for them. (No shade on them). I need tools which are reliable, stable, and simple to understand for my teachers. Does make me a bit behind the curve, Yes, but I get to iron out the issues before it goes to those who would have no idea of what to do if it breaks.
I like being a helper and supporter of those who are learning about this world of EdTech.

I'll hang on to the title of Concierge.


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