January 13, 2017

My Iceberg

Explaining my role as a Technology Integration Specialist is... difficult.
Please let me explain why I believe this is.
I've been a teacher professionally for 15 years. I've learned about instructional strategies, and classroom management. Been to many data analysis and professional learning community sessions. I've worked with Special Education teachers who used pull out and push in models. Attended my share of IEP and TAT meetings. Have had hundreds of Parent Teacher conferences using different models.
When I left the classroom and went to a district level position, my education world grew exponentially. Not only did I meet with teachers, I also met principals and directors, sat in many administrative meetings which were about any topic you can think of. I was a part of a Curriculum and Instruction team who made many decisions as to the direction of the district. I was given and had to read a plethora of books on leadership and management.
The final 3 years in the classroom and throughout my district office stint, I grew a Professional Learning Network which has turned into a PersonalLN. The things I have learned from them haveenriched my life beyond anything I can imagine.
I am a better person because of my experiences in education.
Which leads me to my first point.
The question, "What do you do for a living?" is a conundrum to answer.
You can't contain what I do into one sentence nor do you have enough time or energy to listen to what I am passionate about. What you can do is be specific in your questioning and patient in your listening. If you ask, you need to be ready for a fountain. I promise you, I will have my teacher radar on to monitor and adjust my delivery to your unconscious and conscious body language. I will redirect questions back to you, if need be. I will also guage whether or not to delve into other topics based on your feedback.
Oh yes, there is a lot of brainwork behind my smile and casual demeanor.
The second point. I'm a teacher of children and adults. I use those skills to navigate life and all it throws at me.
I am getting better, but I still have a long way to go.
Post: Inspired by Amy Pietrowski and Jaime Vandegrift


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