March 9, 2017

Getting out of a Rut

Not sure what is going on with me.
Craziness abounds, but not sure what or whats could be the issue or issues.
Well, I do know that people are getting more stressed over work situations, the political climate, the resulting unrest at home and school are causing tempers to flair, fights, increased agitation, and overall negativity in life and its actions.
What is one to do to remain above it all?
Know what it is, know what triggers the downslide for oneself, and do whatever is possible to keep from sliding.
So for me:

Keeping a clear and open mind
Eating properly
Getting proper rest
Drinking plenty of fluids (water is the best)
Taking time to stop and reflect on life and what I have
Getting plenty of outside air and sunshine
Maintaining good communication with family and friends
Knowing that I will be okay as long as I do what I know is right
Keeping in the forefront of my mind, "This is not about You"
Pursuing goals outside of work and outside of me

With that said, I had a hard three week as many things got me really down.
But getting back to the things I listed above really helped pull me out of my rut.
Mandy Froehlich used that term in a conversation and it struck me.
Yep, a big ole muddy rut. It was raining, cold, and dark while I was in that rut.
I was trying to get out of it by myself and realized that I couldn't do it alone.
Reaching out and talking to friends helped stop the rain, warm the air, and brighten the skies.

What I know is that without my friends, I wouldn't be who I am, where I am, or doing what I do.

Thank you!

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