May 25, 2008

Ed Tech-tacular!

Well, I've been busy looking for podcasts, blogs and ideas that might help me in my quest of creating the best Web 2.0 classroom in my district. I'll share some of them with you now.

Link/podcast/webcast of the Blog -
I know, i know, it is not only a link but also a list of webcasts created by educators in the Worldbridges Webcasting Network. Personally, I like the EdTechWeekly and Making Connections webcasts. EdTechWeekly shares websites and programs that possibly could be used by teachers and students. The Making Connections webcast brings in technology tools/issues and discusses them with special guests or among themselves. The episode I like is Making Connections #22 with Sean Sharp. Very good listening!

Another Link of the Blog:
I'm sorry but I had to! I've had so many issues with my Vista machine and I compiled a list of websites that gave tips on how to speed up the processing, get rid of unnecessary running services and extra tweaks to make your Vista machine run better. Check them out and let me know what you used.

Podcast of the Blog -
I listened once to this podcast I loved it. it reminds me of Joan and Ben of the SMARTBoard Lessons Podcast, but different content. Listen to it and be wowed!

Have a great day!

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