November 18, 2008


When was the last time you look through your bookmarks?
I know that many of you use Delicious, or Diigo or many other online bookmarking sites.
But with all the bookmarks that you have saved, when was the last time you went back and read them?

Well, I am about to do that. I have some networked "friends" who have more than two thousand bookmarks. Here are a few: brasst, edtechtalk ( provided that many people add to this site!), montgorp, pgeorge, and isabellejones.

I have bookmarked some great sites that I think are useful for students. I will list five here:

USA Geography Online Maps Games- I used this site to help students learn their states and capitals at home. It worked for some of them.

Origami Projects how to fold paper dollar bills folding shapes - When I found this one so many students wanted to see it and try the foldings. Great time "filler" but I like to call it learning without knowing it.

A Beginner's Guide to Integrating Technology - A throwback to help those who would like to know where we have come from.

Technology Integration Ideas That Work - These are still great ideas!

Incorporating the SMART Board for Smart Teaching - I used this as a springboard for some of my ideas in the classroom. Actually, I needed to read it again.

I still have so many bookmarks to go through.

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