March 26, 2009

Awesome Science Site

Danny Nicholson introduced me to a new science website: Physics This site was a God-send. I was looking for practical ways to show my students about how force and motion are a part of everyday life. Not that shooting cannons and blowing up buildings are everyday life for most of us, but hey, it works for me and my students.
Application: I first introduced the vocabulary terms from our textbook, then I had them go to the website and play any games they wanted. The catch was they had to write a summary about the game(s) they played and include the appropriate vocabulary term(s) in the summary of the game. WOW! they were engaged and making sure they had the terms correct and summaries accurate!
You can't tell me games, when used timely and with limits are not engaging and academic.

Click the link to go to the original post I read: Physics Games.
Thank you Danny!

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