March 30, 2009

Psst... I know your password

Do you know someone's password? Let me be more specific. Do you know someone's computer password, ATM passcode, or the like? I'm not talking about your spouse's or child's, but another adult's secret codes which opens entire worlds to prying eyes. Maybe, I'm off-base, but I've been thinking and Wes Fryer has picked up on it. Thanks Wes for your viewpoint.
Passwords were created for a reason and that reason is to keep certain things private and personal. If you share the password that is your business, but if things disappear (money,valuables), look different (household furniture), or just simply accessed and changed (computer files), then no is to blame but yourself.
I preach to, beg, plead, or even graval with my students to NOT share their student IDs, because with it, friends can charge money at the cafeteria, get into a computer account, use the Internet, check books out of the library under another student's name. But alas, I have at least 5 examples of friends having a falling out and student accounts manipulated and students losing work, have threatening notes, or plain mischievousness.
Students need to learn early and often that passwords keep all people out and should be trusted to no one under no circumstances, that is until you are married, even then, be careful.

Here is a website that has password creation suggestions.
Password Suggestions
I would avoid the websites that create a password for you to use.

Two key points to close:
1)Keep your passwords safe and
2)Teach your child the importance of keeping their passwords safe

Update 4-8-12
I found this article in that outlines how secure you password is now.
The question is not "Can your password be hacked?", but "When will your password be hacked?"

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