June 2, 2009

Summer time

Now that I'm out for the summer, what will I do? I have several things in mind:
1) Do nothing but play with my son
2) Increase my PLN and learn more tools for next year
3) Listen and/or watch podcast/vodcasts all day
4) Fix and or trash the computer carcases that I have under my office desks
5) Find several children to tutor
6) Clean the house and xeriscape the yard
7) hmmm (I know I had another one)

Well, I guess I will do a mixture of all 7 (6). I will try to keep you posted on what I find, do, or learned. But right now, the best way is to follow me on Twitter. I have it on my phone and will keep you informed that way.
I remember now:
7) Find at least 100 Geocaches before school begins in August. I have a good start because I found 5 in two days!

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1 comment:

  1. Enjoy your summer!! I have 3 weeks vacation coming up, I can't wait!!!