July 22, 2009


The beginning of the school year is fast approaching. Are you ready? I'm trying to, but there are some many things that take my time right now that I have to prepare one item a day.
Anyway, hope your preparation is going along fine. Here is a link I have to share.

Extend Your Learning in the Midst of Back-to-school Busyness
I would tell you what is is about but I think you can guess it from the title. Donelle does a great job in supplying a ... wait read it yourself. I liked it and I hope you do, too. If so, please leave a comment on hers if not here, okay?

Alright, back to work. I have a BIG post cooking and I must stir the pot some more.

cooking idiom, hmm maybe Ken is rubbing off on me already!

Did you catch the hashtag as a title? It is the one I use in Twitter.

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