July 14, 2009

Google Sketch Up

I working with Google Sketch Up (GSU) to figure out how I could use it in my Math classes. I will have 4th graders (9-10yr olds) and I have never taught this level before. I'm not scared just wondering how I will do it.
Back to GSU. I have read Rod Lucier's blog, The Clever Sheep, post talking about GSU and it got me wondering more about how it would work with younger children. I understand there are steps to take, but which ones and how long do I let them stay there before going on to the next one. (As I wrote that I answered some of the unwritten questions in my head! Guess I have to write it out to think it through). I guess I've have to mucjmy way through it before I plan for it.
Besides The Clever Sheep post and it's links, do you have any ideas, suggestions, strategies, any thing that could help me? If so, please post it in the comment section.

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