July 15, 2009

A Switch is made

I have done it! I have dumped Feedjit and went to ClustrMaps.
"Why?" you might ask.
Well, I don't see Feedjit on any other blogs, especially those I read often. I can't seem to find it anywhere but mine. Hence, the change. I hope that I made a good decision in this switch.
If not, tell me why.
If so, tell me why.
Post your answer in the comment section.

Still going on my To-Do list. Correction: not going so well, but going.
Oh well, it is summer. Almost done with PC Magazine's Linux Solutions book.
Very interesting read for the summer.

EDIT:Since this posting I have been looking at ClustrMaps and I missed the exact location of each visitor and the globalness of the experience. SO, I have re-entered the Feedjit traffic feed.

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