August 14, 2009

Funky Pictures

Just in case you haven't seen my tweets on this awesome website here they are again.
And this one:
okay, so I can't find the other tweet but I did tweet it!
I love this online photo-editor. I am using it to edit students pictures for their "newspapers" that will be displayed outside our classroom. I showed them a little of what it can do and they went wild! They were "oooing" and "ahhing" over the effects and what the pictures looked like.
I'm almost done importing and editing their pictures. I'm going to paste the final products as a layout and then cut out the pictures to put in the newspaper. Yes, the "newspaper is a hard copy! We haven't been to the computer lab yet, but when we get there oh what fun it will be. for them

If you haven't checked out yet, I suggest you do so. But I warn you that it can be addictive to see all the ways your photos can be changed.

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