August 26, 2009

Calling for Collaborators!

Today I had my second Skype with a great person from my PLN! I and my 4th grade class had the pleasure of speaking with @kathycassidy and her year ones in SK. We told them a few things of what we learned in 1st grade. The time flew by (10 minutes) and soon we were looking forward to another Skype call from someone else.

Kathy blogged about her first day of school because that is what she does and she wanted to share the THREE experiences she had. I enjoyed the time spent networking with other classes and nations. I also liked the video of @zbpipe reading the poem and telling her story.

I learned a lot about my students. Certain mores need to taught and others have to be experienced. Being a good audience during a presentation that you have never seen before is very hard for my students, but it is our goal to be a better audience with each call. I will absolutely make sure that they get the exposure to other cultures and experiences of collaborating with students outside the classroom, the school, the state and even the nation.

So, anyone up for the challenge. I know @zbpipe and @jdeyenberg are! What about you?
If you like to collaborate, present, and/or share with us, drop me a comment and I'll be glad to set up times and dates to network with you this school year.

What are you waiting for?


  1. Hi- I just watched K. Cassidy's blog and skype call. I will have grade 2 in my classroom starting next Tuesday the 2nd and would love to skype with someone....and to collaborate with another grade 2. We are in the Montreal area of Quebec.
    Mary Ellen Lynch

  2. Hi. I also have a grade 4 class and I am excited about finding a variety of ways for my students to collaborate with others this year. Like you, I recognize that this involves a whole skill that we will have to develop over time. My school is about an hour from Montreal in Quebec. If you would like to set something up, please email me (meacherteacherATgmailDOTcom) or you can find me on Skype (meacherteacher). Here's hoping we can get our students talking!

  3. Would love to collaborate. I also teach 4th grade. You can visit our classroom website at

  4. Hi again,
    Great to "meet" you last night techyturner. I have a classroom blog

    If there are any other grade 2 teachers that would like to skype or collaborate please contact me.
    I am lynchie52 on twitter and me.mac on skype.

  5. This post had perfect timing!

    Nice talking to you on edublog. I'm sure we will be chatting again, forgot to think about timezone differences. I am atlantic time. hmmm.