October 29, 2009


WOW! It has been a fast 7 days.
Last time we met I just got my Mobi, made a few of my school's announcements, and began using Google Wave.

Pod-I've posted more school announcements here and here and I think they are getting better.  I listened to them with my class and we would critique them. Too loud, too soft, timing on music and my speech. I figured, if they are listening to it and will be doing several in the future, they will get some practice knowing what to look for while they are editing their own.

Mobi- What have I gotten myself into?! I love the CPS clickers, but the Interwrite interface is presenting a large learning curve for me.  I am so used to the simpler and larger icons of the SMART Technologies interface that I almost swallowed my tongue when the Interwrite loaded.
(No complaints here, just an explanation of the facts)  I will have to take time to figure out the multitude of options and features that this interface has.  I had some issues with getting the RF to be recognized by the computer. I went to the online support and told them my issue. At first we were stumped. (FIRE DRILL!!!!!!) But then, Randy figured it out. My SMART software blocks the COM ports so nothing else can use them. I had to turn off all SMART software, enable my Interwrite Mobi RF, then enable the SMART software again.
Randy told me that I will have to do this again when I reboot my computer. (It will be awhile before that happens again! :)

Wave- Yikes! I haven't touch but once since the last post.  It seems like a tool that needs time to get to know it and people to help me do just that.  Earlier in the week, I sent out some tweets to invite people to contact me for some type of collaboration. I had a few take me up on the invitation.  I did get to use it with @jdwilliams. He and I worked at the same district, but he moved to another district about two years ago.  Still looking for a good tutorial to help in my quest for mastery over Google Wave. I will keep looking and sharing what I find.

General - I was the first teacher to use the laptops in my school this year. All my students are excited to use them. We will have several opportunities to do so, but I know(those of you who teach all kinds of students do to) that I will have to set some strict ground rules during computer time. 
Do you have any computer time/computer lab rules you would like to share with me? 
I'd appreciate it very much.

Now, I have to get back into listening to podcasts during any down-time I have.
(HA! who am I kidding? What down-time do I have? If I have any down-time, I'm asleep dreaming of what to do next or what I can do to help a struggling student or how I'm going to get all my stuff done before I'm called on to the carpet or what I'm going to do when...)

oh, Thanks for sharing with me and any support you can give.
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