October 20, 2009

What's New?

Several things have happened to me since I was last here. Check out the brief outline:
Created another announcement for my school. Here
Joined The Educator's PLN - was going to do a short overview but dkapuler beat me to it. Here is his post.
Joined Google Voice and received a number. Now, I will pass out this number to my students and parents as a reliable contact for me. As well a number that I can give to anyone else who wants it.
Joined the Wave. Courtesy of @k_shelton. Not sure how it will work for me but I will figure it out in time. (Any one know of some decent GW tutorials or tips? Still searching!)
I'm also still waiting for my Interwrite Mobi to arrive. I almost want to call eInstruction and ask for a tracking number. But I won't...right now.
We'll see if the next week brings new knowledge, skills, and efficiency from these new tech tools.

Keep it tuned to right here.

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