December 1, 2009

#Edchat 12-1

Tonight I participated in #edchat 12-1.
The topic was

What are the Primary Skills Of 21st Century Educators?

The conversation was very fast and furious. I agreed with most of comments by the other participants. The moderator @web20classroom created a Google Form to fill out to summarize our own thinking of the topic.
You can read more of what was said here, and the archive here.

Below is my personal reflection.

Necessary skills- flexible in the moment, rigid to stay on task, wide enough to cover all personal, social, and academic aspects of a single student, narrow enough to care for that student, Able to learn with students, unable to leave the students alone to learn, give every student the possibility to learn, withhold the ability to give up on an unmotivated student.
I believe all these are important because we are the models for students.
Skills that should be de-emphasized - Teaching with a script, excellent thinking inside The Box.
Skills that should be considered and valued - Caring, sharing, collaboration with other teachers, ability to let others in and be transparent.
Closing thoughts- All teachers need to be open-minded and willing to take risks. It does take time and effort to adjust to change, but it is worth it.

What do you think are the Primary Skills of a 21st Century Educator?

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