December 8, 2009

Google Forms

What a tool! Google Forms, I mean.
Here's the back story. I am the webmaster (IMHO, a bad one at that), and technology support person for my school. I do the school announcements and coordinate the use of some of the technology on campus.
We open classroom doors at 7:50a (school starts at 8:15a) to help students get in early and provide breakfast in the classroom as well as Channel One news.  We have been doing all this since we got back from Fall break in October.  Personally, I don't mind it at all, because it gives me time to talk to my students, interact with them before the academic day begins. I have found out plenty of information beforehand that has helped tremendously later in the day.
But I have digressed , as usual.
Channel One is a current news program put together by teens for teens. It has many current headline stories and feel good stories of teens helping their local communities.
Here is where Google Forms (GF) come in. I was asked by my principal to create a survey which garnered the effectiveness of the news program and what if any changes could be made to make it better for our students.
Since I had no experience with GF, I decided to use it. I had seen it in action (@web20classroom and @mcteach?) and I liked it.
After opening a help document in Google Help, I got started. I quickly closed the document because GF was so easy to use!  The sections for the question text was clear and I could even change the question type AFTER typing in my answers and it saved them.  I liked the feature of dragging and dropping the questions in the order I wanted them to appear. The part I liked even more was the theme I could add to the survey.  So many to choose from and very colorful.
After I completed it, I did wonder how I would be able to edit it, but quickly found the editing buttons. I had to edit it after more revisions and was able to figure out how to send it in email or as a link to those who did not use Gmail.
My conclusion- I love it!  Easy to use, clear and concise, and open to all types of educational uses.  I can see it used as a summary device, or a what-do-you-think response collector.
Do you have any other uses for Google Forms? Let me know in the comment section.

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