April 23, 2010

No idea how to do that!

I don't know how to start this post but I know it will come to something. It is hard to write this, hear the ocean, feel its cool breeze, smell the salty air, and see the sunshine through the window.
Here goes...

I've created this blog to post things I know and want to share with the rest of you who read this.  Now, I know I don't post often or even make sense all the time, but HEY! it is what's in my head at the time.

I post pictures, videos, collaborations, reviews, links, and generally my opinion of something.

I've changed the name to more accurately reflect the intent of this blog and to give myself more wiggle room to post more personal things.

I'm not going to rant about how federal education policies are not looking too good because of a lack of buy in from the very people it affects.

Nor am I going to discuss how I feel our president has his hand in or comments on seemingly everything going on in the USA or around the world. (Reminds me of a micro-manager boss I had!)

I want to develop my interests in such a way as to help those need help.  To create, link, share, discuss, prove, write, collect, give away the cool things I find.

With that said, I need serious help.  I will be helping myself, too, but I know many hands and heads make light work.

Here is my proposal:  I want to post, in this very place, the many things that I find helpful to me quickly and easily.  I bookmark many resources a week and want to share them.  I know I have a gadget that lists the ones I bookmark, but is there more to it?
I want to post the tweets I find interesting, useful, thought-provoking, and shareable.  How can I do that quickly and easily?

I really need your help.  I will post the help I get and the ways that I have found to make my life easier.

Thanks for your help and support.

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