April 4, 2010

Why I Twitter

This morning I read a post by Steve Wheeler, Why Twitter is so powerful.
He begins with a joke that I believe is more true than is comfortable for us Twitterers.
I have many co-workers who do laugh (inside or not in my face) when I talk about my tweeps, but when I share a link or an idea that I received, they are amazed and very thankful for it.

Steve goes on and talks about...

Just go and read it yourself. I'll wait...
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I was thinking about why I twitter and I came up with this poem/freestyle/rhyme/stanza/statement or whatever you want to call it.
As I finished it, I realized that I do have a great PLN and a line of work that others may criticize but is essential to ALL other jobs.
Critique in the comments as you wish, just be kind to me.
Special thanks to RhymeZone.com and Thesaurus.com.

I check the tweets from my peeps
From the time I wake to the time I sleep.

I can't wait til I see all the wonderful links
Even though I have to say some do stink.

Not because they are bad or substandard
But because I want to Re-Tweet the Gold standard.

I look, peruse, and amuse at all the good and bad news
I love to find people who share my own personal views.

I follow some of them like a little lamb
But others I mark as awful spam.

But "Why?" you ask, "do I do all this time consuming work 
If it were me I were go absolutely berserk!"

I do it because I love technology
And the ways it makes like easier
By the way this is not apology
Nor trying to make this more cheesier.

The tools I glean from my PLN teams
Are ones I can use only in my dreams.

To make those dreams come true
I must brew, chew, stew, and construe
Before I make a final debut.

Not of what I can do or what I've gone through
But of what I can give to all those who need.

This is what I want to really imbue,
Positive power, a loud voice, and a strong will to succeed.

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