August 31, 2010

Podcasting with students

For those of you who have started this journey before me, you know what I'm talking about.  What an adventure!  I am having so much fun doing this.  I know I do this to help students become better at multiple skill sets, but I really love doing this.  I am podcasting with two groups:

Group 1) With students who are in need of extra help in reading, math, and writing.  I work with 10 students 3 days a week after school and we create detailed announcements with interesting segments.  This takes time as we go more in-depth with procedures, skill sets, and actual performance assessments of podcasting.  One podcast takes 3 hours to plan, record, edit, and publish.

Group 2) With my homeroom students during lunch.  I choose two students and we have a "working lunch" in which we edit the basic announcements needed for the school and then record them.  This takes 40 minutes in total. That includes the editing and publishing to the web! 

Podcasting group 2 came from an idea I grew after I read about Mr. Flick's podcasting at Bethke Elementary. I really enjoyed it.  Simple, clear, and free of extra features.  I love it.  I even shared it with my two podcasting groups.  They thought the hosts were older, but were amazed that they were in the 5th grade.  I think all of them thought, "I can do that, too!"
I KNOW they can.
Thank you, Mr. Flick and KBOB Studios Podcasting and Web Show for sharing your announcements with us.

You can hear our podcasts/reflections/musings here. I try to update them every day with the latest episode.

We love followers! Thank you @pgeorge for the follow.

Please leave a comment either here or on the podcast station itself to let us know what you think of them.

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