September 16, 2010

Reflections on Podcasting

This post is about my reflections thus far on my podcast station: Techyturner's Podcast.
I'm trying new things because I know I will get better at them and the experience will help me think of new and different ways to integrate more technology into my classes.
As always, comments are greatly appreciated.

Reflections on Podcasting #1
Show notes:
Re-introduction to what I am doing with podcasting in my class

Issues I've faced and how I'm working on fixing them
Sound quality - Movement of mic
Background noise - Noise reduction effect
Changed to use of Adobe Audition 1.0 -
Worked with 4-8 graders
4th, 5th - More outgoing willing to do it.
6th-8th graders - Want to make sure they can sound cool but not dorky worried about the way they sound. Once over the vanity phase, they are great producers.
No mic=loud, almost obnoxious
Mic=quiet, almost shy and unsure of what to say

Activities - Create a late breaking story. Answer the 5 W's and how. Turned out very good after...

Segments used from RadioWillowWeb program.
Time frame to complete each podcast
4th graders v. 5th-8th graders
Music/Sound effects
Moving to completely student created and I just publish it.

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