December 21, 2010

2010 Winter Solistice Lunar Eclipse

I know many people and companies have pages up talking about the lunar eclipse, but I wanted to let you in what I experienced.  I sent out a question on Plurk (here) wondering who was going to stay up and watch it.
If you went to the link, you saw many people respond. The question also went out on twitter and facebook and I had more people respond there too. At last count, I had 10 people across the continent watching it with me that I "know" and were talking to me about what they were seeing.
I believe this experience is something that many people need to replicate more other areas of life.
Sometimes, as a teacher I feel alone and struggling by myself and I know in my head that others are doing the same thing and yet, I don't feel it. I don't sense the willingness to let go and open up to others and let them be a witness to my life experiences. Sure, I'm married and all but, it doesn't stop there. Other people are doing similar things and want to share what they are doing.
With that said, I guess I will be sharing more. I can't care any longer who is listening or if any one is listening. I'm talking and if you are listening, thanks. If not, that is okay. I will listen to you speak.
BTW, here are the links I collected through out the night.

Eclipse notes:

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