December 20, 2010

QR codes

I know I'm a bit late on these but they are cool!
I saw @demacisaac's profile picture and I had to make one!
Here is what I did:
1) Went to Google
2) Typed in "qr code generator"
3) Sifted through the first page of results
4) Center-click on 2 of them and used one of them
5) I clicked on a)
6) Realized I had to find a URL to link to
7) Copied and pasted in the URL for this site
8) Clicked on "Generate"
9) Clicked on Download PNG
10) Went to my Twitter profile
11) Changed the image to the QR code.
12) Done!

That was pretty simple to do.
Now, I have to read up on it and why it might be a good thing to use in the classroom.
Wait! I don't need to create QR codes because cellphones are hidden and unseen in my school. And 4th graders don't carry the latest ones with cameras or are smartphones.
Well, I'll read up on them anyway.

Here is a good start:
nharm Simple but powerful QR Generators: & how to use them blog- thanks Steve! #edtech

Anymore posts/articles, I should read while I'm at it?

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