May 7, 2011

Friday night walk

So, I've hopefully started a new habit. I know it takes over 27 times to become a habit, but at least I have 25 more to go.
I've taken a walk through the fields around my house. Yes, there are fields in the Valley of the Sun. Let me be more specific, they are alfalfa and wheat fields.
DS1 and I took off around 6:45p just as the Sun disappeared behind nearby houses. I knew if it was up it would be still too warm to walk the planned route.

As we got to the road that separated houses and fields, DS1 said, "Let's walk through the field, Daddy!" My thought, exactly. We crossed the 3 ft ravine and ran into the alfalfa. I soon realized the ground was moist, not quite wet but enough that it gave slightly under pressure. It had been flooded earlier today or late yesterday. Oh, well, let's go and see what happens.
As we walked hand in hand, DS1 didn't want to hold my hand and I didn't him running into a large hidden mud puddle, so I told him once we get to the road I would let go and he could run all he wanted. He was okay with that. Here he is outstanding... in the field.

He was fading as we walked the 1/4 mile through the alfalfa. Once he even dropped his pinwheel and didn't call out for it. I had to go back 50 meters or so to get it. As we neared the access road, he began to get excited. He was also free. But we had to cross an empty canal first. It was about 4 ft wide and 4 ft deep. He couldn't walk through it so I straddled it, picked him up and swung him across at the same time. He giggled a lot. Soon, he was off.
I had to stop and take this picture. 

 It was what I was feeling at the time. I heard almost no traffic noise. There was a slight breeze carrying the alfalfa and wheat smells. I could even feel the cool spots and warm spots in the air as we walked. It reminded me of the times back in rural Rago, KS. My friends and I would take off walking all afternoon exploring the countryside. We walked through cow pastures, alfalfa, wheat, oats fields. Over fences, through streams, and wooded areas. It was a really good time to be 12-14. I still yearn for those types of adventures. But I want my boys to experience new ones with me. DS1 was running around, jumping on dirt piles, getting in to the wheat, examining ant hills, and sticking his hand in holes. I did tell him not to because he didn't know what was in the holes. He stopped.

#Sunset pictures for those who love them. Tonight's sunset was very nice.

Aqua setting on my phone


On our way back home, we had to cross another canal, but we had a bridge this time.
On the dirt path back, I kept seeing these foot prints. At one time I could name 10 different animal tracks in the wild, but no way now. Too Urbanized. Does someone know what bird made these tracks? Leave a comment below.
 A canine of some type left this one

 On our way back home, DS1 said, "There's the moon, Daddy!" He pointed up at it. It was at 2 o'clock high. He was tired but still chattering away while walking.

It was a good walk. DS1 was exhausted. He had a bath and went to bed with little more than a pout.
With that kind of finish, I think I should walk every night. Round trip was about 1.5 miles! Well, worth it.

What have you done lately that reminds you of what you did as a youngster?

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