May 26, 2011

New School Year, New Focus

I'm almost not ready for next year.  I've been thinking about many things and finally going to put them down, but not now.
I have created a short survey to fill out if you are interested in collaborating with me and my class next year.
I'm not sure what I will be teaching but I know that I will be focusing on a 2-3 tools rather than previous years 5+.
I really hope to get a good foundation this summer so I can be successful with my students, in my growth as a teacher, and in sharing with other teachers what I am doing in my class.
All are invited to fill out the short survey and anxiously await my responses. I have 2 months today to get things going and ready for implementation August 1, 2011.
I hope to see your name on the list for making better students and teachers.

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