June 11, 2011

Friendship Park

We had a great morning in nature. We went to a large suburban park that had lots of places for soccer and other sports fields, but they were closed for the summer.
So we went to the playground. Soon N got tired of the swings, play equipment, and shade. He wanted to see the "camels". Off we went. As we got closer, N kept changing his mind on what they were. First, they were camels, then they were buffalo, next they were elephants, then llamas. Finally, we got close enough that he saw they were elephants.
Pretty neat statues and the head of the larger one moves.
We started back to the car the circuitous route. As we walked along the bank, we could hear high-pitched peeps and little animals running from hole to hole. We saw that they were ground squirrels. Cute little things were everywhere. They were sounding the alarm and lookouts were telling everyone our position as N and I walked down the bank.
Just as we got to where a path broke off and went toward the car, I saw cattails. Where there are cattails, there is water! We had to go. Water was flowing westward to a small opening. I'm not sure what it was but the water made the air temperature around it lower by at least 10 degrees. It was nice to walk beside it and hear all the birds and watch the water.
Look at the map and you can see approximately where we were during our exploration.

Enjoy the videos, too.

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