July 15, 2011

Reflections in IE

As you might know, I am in a new position in my district and in my life. As a Technology Integration Specialist, I am responsible for helping teachers use technology within their lessons. Being a new position for the district, I and my partners get to be semi guinea pigs. There is a lot to do in regards to supporting teachers and having the majority of them be close to the same level technology skills wise. I know that may never happen because there is such a wide range of personal technology use, varied attitudes toward technology in general, and the priorities teachers have within the classroom. I know the list can go on and on but these are the ones that I feel are important to address in order to be successful in the integration of technology.
Where am I going with this? Well, you are going to have to follow me as I try not to ramble but make sense of how Instructional Elements (IEs) are to be used by my new department.
Please feel free to disagree, comment, and enlighten me. I want to learn how I can be a better mentor/coach because that is how people are going to see me and relate to me.
Over the new few posts I will be hashing out how the IEs are useful for me.
Feel free to follow along in the personal process.

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  1. @painchaud_n12:56 PM

    Hi, I've been doing your position for the past 11 years in Surrey, BC. I've been asking teachers to try new tools, and new manners of teaching. If you need some help feel free to ask me on twitter @painchaud_n. Some of my work, instrucitons and exemplars are on http://painchaud2.webnode.com/ feel free to take a look and try. Good luck this year