October 22, 2011

Hashtag VCF

What is Hashtag VCF?  The idea came to me during a shower episode, thanks @len_horn, and I had to write it down. I was in the midst of thinking about my life and the directions it could take at the time. I wanted something or somethings that could help me make good decisions and be ones that made me happy.

V. Vision is important, no matter the situation. Want to build a company? Need a vision. Want to take a trip cross country? Need a vision. Want to be a better person? Need a vision. The vision helps to set a goal of what you want to do, where you want to go, and what you want to be. Without vision, everything you do will be just events that happen, like a pile of branches. There would be no connections, no structure, no foundation from which to start. A tree has branches which are a structure and has connections that give it strength and a beautiful design. Pro 29:18 Where [there is] no vision, the people perish". I need a vision.
C. Communication. The vision has to be shared. Why does it have to be shared? No one can help you fulfill your vision without you telling them. You can't even fulfill your own vision without knowing for sure what it is if you don't share it. Sure people will disagree, scoff, or even avoid you because of your vision, but at least you know where you stand and what you want and need to do. The ones who encourage, support, and push you to realize your vision are the ones you can lean on when times are tough. Yet the only way to know which friends will support you is to tell them your vision. I need to communicate.
F. Focus. Fulfilling your vision will take concentration that you think you don't have, but if it is something you really want to do and believe you are destined to do, you have to place a laserlike focus on achieving the goal. No company is successful without its members maintaining a focus on the company goals. NASA didn't put a man safely on the moon without a tight focus on how what needs to be done to accomplish the goal. Two people can't work together successfully if each has a different focus. Without a fine focus on the goal, the way is lost and the vision is gone. I need to focus.

Why write this and share some of my inmost thoughts and feelings?  If it helps me to clarify what is going on in my life and what I need to do to be the best  person I can, it just might help someone else to know they are not alone and others are dealing with similar issues. Then, just maybe we can help each other reach our high goals. I am my own worst enemy. No one can do anything to me that exceeds what I can do to myself. I share because I need to and maybe it will help you.

What is your vision?
How do you communicate?
What is your focus?

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