March 1, 2014


I write this knowing many things could happen.
It is so personal that I don't know if I should share it, but so many people have experienced it and didn't know it.
My reading of George Couros' post Fall Apart, Fall Together from a few years ago and re-introduced by Krissy Venosdale, has caused me to take the risk and share.

Nothing here is specifically educational, but it has been for me.

January 1, 2013 was the day my rebirth began. I left my wife of 10 years. The marriage wasn't going as it should and something had to be done about it. Maybe leaving wasn't the right thing, but it was the last thing I could do.
February 11, 2014 is the day the marriage was legally over.
Am I sad, depressed, angry, disappointed about it? Sure am, but I know it was a good thing to happen.
Spare me the arguments about the boys living in two different houses, the scars they will have growing up with parents who don't love each other, or what could have we done to make the marriage last. We will be okay.
I say that knowing I have support. My boys have support. My ex-wife has support. We all will get through this separation of paths, but we will be walking parallel because the boys need us as their parents.
I will spare many details but I must say this. I have been given a gift that I didn't realize was there. My family has been by my side the entire time. They have been sounding boards and shakers when they needed to be.
I have another family. A family of friends from around the world. Yes, literally. I can't recount how many times *J has encouraged me, or A has made me laugh out loud in meetings with pictures or witty tweets. Or how many innocuous tweets between J and K and I contained song titles and lyrics. Or about how J helped me shop for new threads because I forgot my original ones at home due to nervous excitement to present for the first time outside of my district. Or how L, J and M have taken time to work with me through feelings, uncertainty and given me the strength to move on.
There are so many other stories I could list from both Camp Plug & Plays, ISTE13, Mobile 2013, and numerous district PD sessions of the wonderful awesomeness that happened with SO MANY people. The pictures and conversations were all things that helped me to know I am someone who can overcome adversity and live to tell about it in a positive light.

I can work through the pain and heartache of looking through years of memories, cherish them and know they are what made me and I can go on. I do have a voice that others hear and respect.

I do have a path that I must walk and not be moved by outside opinions or even my poor filtered viewpoint.

I am going the hardest time of my personal life and yet I know I will come out on the other side, not a new person but a changed person.

I can and I will share what makes me Rodney Turner

*Names were omitted to protect my friends' privacy and wonderfulness they will deny happened.

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