April 30, 2014

One Month Old

One month ago I was reborn.
So much has happened since then. Friendships have been renewed, deepened, and left to decay.
Excitement for the future is mounting, yet so many things must be tied up and severed before I can truly move on. Whoever said money was a major reason for arguments is right. It is also a major reason for heartache, pain, and worries. One can't do many worldly amusements without money, but that is why I'm surviving. I'm not normal.
Seriously, I'm not, but I know many "normal" things have happened to me. I'm not normal because I refuse to let negativity overwhelm me. Do I have ups and downs? Of course. Will it steal my joy? I fight hard so it won't. Do I lose some of those battles? Yes, but I fight another day.
The future I see for myself and my boys is one filled with wonder, fulfilling experiences, and personal growth.
My personal goals have been coming into focus and I have the feeling they are right things to do. Yet balance is going to be the key for me.
The summer of 2014 will be another turning point in my life. I don't know why it will be but I have a sense something is going to happen that will shape my life for the next 5+ years.
If you read Rebirth, you have some background. I will be with those folks again making newer memories. I will be making new connections that I can hold on to when apart.
Am I rambling here? Not to me, but I write to rid my self of discontent, lack of confidence, and to shush the naysayers. Who are they? They are everywhere. If you don't hear them, you are not listening.
Good on you.

Stretching my wings to fly
It hurts but I will survive
Riding the winds of strife
To heights unknown in my previous life.

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