March 31, 2017

Hacking Education-Part 1-Going to the Cloud

So, I'm going to write my way through this book.

I think it will help me to align what I read, what I know, and what I can do.

The first chapter is about taking a meeting to the cloud. Crazy idea that really works.
I worked with two great gentlemen, Len and John and we took our meetings to the cloud back in 2013. All our projects, tasks, and agendas were in OneNote. This was great because we met only when we had to talk through certain things and putting it all on a document was not conducive or time efficient. I loved it. We even tried to get the rest of the team to do it. Didn't quite pan out, but we continue because it built our team culture and we were informed.
Currently, my team uses Skype and MSOffice 365 to communicate daily and to compile necessary documents for future training sessions, tutorials, and tip sheets. It has been a great way to keep in touch and not have to sit face to face with them. Although it is a lovely time when we do get together as a new place to have lunch always comes up. But that is a huge bonus we have being that we do most teamwork online.

Here's how I will hack future teacher meetings whether they are grade level or just a group getting together to discuss a topic:
1) Make sure they know how to use the communication platform they have
2) Introduce my part using that platform and not give into "Oh, Rodney! Just write it down and we can meet face to face." If they really want in, they must use the platform.
3) Include some incentives for those who participate. Be it stickers, badges, or even random swag I've collected. (Teachers love free useful classroom items)
4) Make sure the whole staff knows what happened. They will be at least a little curious about it.

For the record, I have used @Voxer to plan several meetups with many of my PLN.
These have led to more deep and personal relationships that last.

Is going to the cloud something you have done, are doing, or seriously planning to do?
Let us know.

By the way, I love cumulus clouds.
Sunset Clouds
Sunset Clouds

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