April 1, 2017

Hacking Education-Part 2-Pineapples

Pineapples on school doors - I heard of this method of inviting other staff members into a classroom to visit, observe and gain more ideas and strategies to take back to their classrooms at this year's #EdcampPHX.  It was an interesting idea then and still is.

My Spin
How is having other teachers come into your classroom a good thing for them, me, and students? Moreover, what would come over me to invite someone into my space/stage/performance? Isn't it a place where I shine and let my hair down and really teach? Don't I have ideas that other teacher don't have because they didn't spend hours/days or even years to gather and hone for my optimal use and efficiency? I know many schools have Instructional Coaches/Achievement Advisors/Mentors, but they are like Admin and have to see it to help me get better. But, other teachers, why? In this age of standardized tests to prepare students for and the Internet which has tons of resources that will target what I need to teach my students. Why take my time to watch other teachers use instructional strategies and in a content completely different from mine?

Where is this idea going and how will it fit with my goals?
Why put myself out there?

Why learn how to review someone else's teaching?

What will I get from this entire process?

How will I get my stuff done if I take my prep time to "peer observe"?


Disclaimer- A representation of voices I hear often.

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