April 5, 2017

Hacking Education-Part 3-Happy Places

I call them Happy Places.
In the chapter, they are called Teacher Quiet Zones, but I call them happy places.

Life and its varied events happen at such a frenetic pace that time isn't allocated to stop and focus on the important things.

We buy notebooks and pads of paper to create bullet journals, download apps to make to-do lists. But notebooks and devices are multi-functional tools and the journals and to-do lists are gradually dropped because they become one more thing to juggle.

So, the idea of a room dedicated to no distractions with very little, if any noise; a place of peace and quiet in the middle of the day? A place to think, write, plan, or take a power nap?
I and hundreds of thousands of teachers and school staff would sign up for it.
Everyone needs a happy place to get away from the current drum beat and have silence to focus on what matters the most.

Now to just find that place.

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